This place Is run by people who actually know what they're doing and they also have great customer service! I would recommend this place to everyone!

Troy Maydon (Pulled from our Facebook Reviews)

I've now done three sessions of cryo. I walked in not knowing too much more than what I could quickly read off the internet. What I did know was that there are huge benefits to those that are battling rheumatoid arthritis. With that in mind I figured why not give it a shot?! I showed up for my first session and Steve gave me so much more background on how things actually work and what the process is like. He was so willing to answer any questions along the way. After my first session I noticed instant pain relief to my knee (which is my targeted joint of pain/RA), this was the same feeling I had after months of injected arthritis meds. I had an increase in energy that day and felt extremely refreshed. A week later, I've completed three sessions and the relief on my knee is amazing. Steve and Dino have been so accommodating to getting me in for sessions and genuinely care that I get results that benefit my particular situation. I would recommend OC Cryocare to anyone who has done cryo or is interested in what it has to offer!

Samantha Leonard (Pulled from our Facebook Reviews)

I am a practicing LVN clinician, in the Ontario/RanchoCucamonga area. I was introduced to this therapy, via a family member. There were three noticeable improvements, as a result of this therapy which I have taken, 2x's 30 seconds & 60 seconds respectively. The Vasodilation allowed for an extended, and uninterrupted sleep cycle (15hrs.), a significant decrease in basal temperature & b/p, and a very efficient elimination. The therapy, is holistic, and non invasive. This therapy's intended results, were initially to assist, in quicker recovery with sports injuries, & some notable inflammatory diseases. Much like secondary effects with other therapies, this therapy, offers a measurable element to homeostasis. Recommended for consideration. J . Cantonhall LVN

Judy Canton-Hall, LVN (Pulled from our Facebook Reviews)

Had the best experience here! It was my first time and the owners made me feel so welcomed. They'll walk you through the entire process in detail and guide you every step of the way. They made it really fun and calmed my nerves. Don't be scared though. It's really quick. Max time is 3 minutes & I was able to stay in there for 2 minutes no problem. $25 your first session is great also. Check it out :)

Kayla A. (Pulled from our Yelp Reviews)

I went to OC Cryocare to help me out with some inflammation in my back and knees from kickboxing. I felt the difference right away and was able to get back into training that night!
I decided to get the unlimited package, because I plan to go at least three times a week, If you end up loving it like I did and want to go a lot, this is the cheapest route to go. They have a ton of packages and deals and are easy to approach about questions.
Also, this place is super clean and the are very professional. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to recover from workouts.
Thanks OC Cryocare!!!

Rachelle L. (Pulled from our Yelp Reviews)