The Cryotherapy Process

The Cryotherapy Process

Step One: You will meet one-on-one with one of our staff members who will guide you through the process and highlight the benefits of the treatment. Questions can be answered at this time before you commit to the treatment. The staff member will also ask you questions to see if this program is a good fit for you.

Step Two: The staff member will check your blood pressure to ensure your safety during the treatment.

Step Three: The staff member will guide you into the private room where you can change clothes into something more relaxing and appropriate for the treatment. Guys are suggested to go shirtless and in compression shorts or underwear. Women are suggested to go in a bikini or sports bra and compression shorts or underwear.

Step Four: While in the private room we ask that you dry yourself down with a hand towel that will be provided. After drying yourself down we ask that you place on a robe that is provided for you while the staff member walks you into the cryo-sauna.

Step Five: Ring the bell inside the private room notifying the staff that you are dressed appropriate and ready to be assisted into the cryo-sauna. At this time the staff member will provide you with gloves, socks, and rubber shoes that you will be required to wear while in the machine.

Step Six: You will stand comfortably into the cryo machine with assistance by our staff. Then a staff member will start the machine and the 3 minute treatment will begin.

Step Seven: Once the treatment is finished, you will then be given the private room once again to change back into your normal attire and simply just leave the robe, gloves, socks, rubber shoes, and any other equipment provided to you by our staff for the treatment in the private room.

Step Eight: Once dressed appropriately a staff member will ring you up and work with you to develop a treatment program that best suits your needs.